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Compost Tea - the BEST Recipe !
You Will Need
  • 5 cups finished compost
  • 3 oz fish fertilizer
  • 3 oz Molasses
  • 3 oz liquid kelp
  • Fish Aquarium Pump
  • 2 air stones
  • plastic container ( like a 10 gal trash container)
  • 5 gal of water (missing in video)
step 1 Add compost
Pour 5 cups of finished compost into plastic container.(add 5 gallons of water missing in video)
step 2 Add fish fertilizer
Pour 3 oz of fish fertilizer into plastic container.
step 3 Add Molasses
Pour 3 oz of Molasses into plastic contain.
step 4 Add liquid Kelp
Pour 3 oz of liquid Kelp into plastic contain and mix
step 5 Air Stones
Connect air lines to Fish Aquarium Pump and then 2 Air Stones. Submerge Air Stone in the bottom of plastic container. Start Air Pump
step 6 Brewing
Let compost tea brew for 3 days. Tea should be a golden brown.
step 7 See the Difference
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