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How To Make a Bird Base
You Will Need
  • A sheet of square origami paper (6" x 6" / 15 cm x 15 cm)
  • A flat surface
step 1Fold one corner to opposite corner and unfold
Start with the paper colored side up. Make a diagonal crease by folding one corner to the opposite corner. Unfold.
step 2Repeat with other corners
Repeat with the two other opposing corners. You should now have two diagonal creases on the colored side of the paper.
step 3Flip paper over and crease paper in half
Turn the paper over to the white side. Fold one edge of the paper to the opposite edge, then unfold.
step 4Fold other edges over
Repeat with the other two opposing edges, but this time do not unfold.
step 5Bring four corners together
Position the paper so that its folded edge is along the bottom. There should be creases on the paper that form a “V.” Hold the paper with each hand on either side of the “V.” Slowly bring your hands together, allowing the four corners to meet at the top.
step 6Place model on table
Place the model flat onto the table in a diamond shape, making sure there are two flaps to the right and two flaps to the left of the vertical crease running down the center. This is a Preliminary Base.
step 7Rotate paper with closed point at top
Rotate the paper so that the closed point is at the top.
step 8Fold bottom right and left edges to center
Fold the bottom right and bottom left edges of the uppermost flap to meet on the center vertical line.
step 9Fold closed point down and unfold
Fold the closed point over the two flaps as far as it will go. Unfold.
step 10Unfold two flaps
Unfold the two flaps back to the Preliminary Base.
step 11Lift top layer and bring sides in to flatten
Carefully lift up the top layer of paper as far as it will go. Bring the sides in, toward the middle, using only existing creases in order to flatten the flap. Note that no new creases are made during this step. You should now have created a long diamond shape.
step 12Flip over and repeat
Turn over and repeat Steps 8-11. You’ve made a Bird Base—now you can really start to spread your wings.
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