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How To Make an Origami Gift Box
You Will Need
  • A4 sheet of paper (legal or letter will work)
step 1Fold paper in half length wise
step 2Cut the paper in half along the fold
step 3Cut 1 cm off 1cm off one of the half's, This will be the bottom
step 4Fold the bottom in 1/2 the long way then unfold it.
step 5Fold the paper in half width wise then unfold it
step 6Fold one side to the center (1/4 fold), width wise
step 7Fold the other end to butt up to the other sides edge (3/4 fold) then unfold both.
step 8Fold one end to the 1/4 fold line (1/8 fold)
step 9Fold the other end to butt up to the other sides edge (7/8 fold) then unfold
Do the same fold to the other side of the paper
step 12Fold the diagonals in the bottom 8 rectangles
step 13Continue folding all 8 diagonals
step 14With the diagonals crease pointing up
step 15Fold the top part with the 8 rectangles down leaving a little space to the centerline as shown then unfold
step 16Now fold the top part with the 8 rectangles to the side where the diagonals are mountain folds and unfold
step 17Fold it into a pentagon..  so we need a 3 rectangle overlap by inserting one end into the bottom fold on the other end to create a pentagon
step 18Make sure the 3 rectangles exactly overlap each other
step 19Now fold the top over, one at a time till you get the the last fold
step 20the last top fold, you push the middle down so that it pops in to form a top
step 22Fold the tops corned extending bits under
step 23No do the same to the top part of the box
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