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How To Make an Origami Jumping Frog
You Will Need
  • A 3" x 5" index card
  • A flat surface
step 1Position the card
Position the card in front of you with the lined side facing up, and one of the short sides closest to you.
tip The stiffer the paper you use, the farther your frog will jump.
step 2Fold
Fold the top left corner over to the right edge, forming a triangle. Unfold.
step 3 Repeat on the other side
Now do the same with the top right corner. Unfold. You should now have a large “X” on the top half of your card.
step 4Flip the card over
Turn the card over to the plain side.
step 5Fold
Fold the top of the X (short edge) to the bottom of the X. Unfold.
step 6Flip the card and poke the X
Turn the card back over to the lined side. With your finger, gently poke in the middle of the X, forming a slight scoop shape.
step 7Bring the sides together and flatten the top
With each of your forefingers, bring the sides of the scoop together. Flatten down the top into a triangular shape
step 8Fold
Working only on this triangular shape, fold the bottom corners up to the top, forming the frog’s arms.
step 9Fold
The overall shape of the card should now be like a house. Fold the sides of the “house” in, to meet in the center.
step 10Fold
Fold the bottom of this narrow “house” all the way to the top. Crease gently.
step 11Double the edge back on itself
Fold this same edge back to the new bottom, again creasing gently. This forms the back legs of the frog.
step 12Arrange the legs
Looking at the model from the side, arrange the back legs of the frog to form a “Z” shape.
step 13Jump
Place your frog on the table and give its back a gentle and quick tap. Now jump to it!
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