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How To Make a Summer Flower Arrangement
You Will Need
  • A casual vase or container
  • Some cool water
  • A variety of summer flowers
  • A pair of gardening shears or scissors
  • Some flower food or bleach and sugar
  • And a flat surface
  • A smaller, plastic container (optional)
step 1Choose container
Choose a casual container that fits the feel of summer in your location— an earthenware pitcher, colorful jar, painted bucket, wicker basket—anything that conveys a lighthearted and laid-back summer vibe.
spacer tip If the container you choose won’t hold water, place a smaller plastic container—like a yogurt or cottage cheese container—inside it.
step 2Fill with water
Fill the container halfway with cool water.
step 3Add flower food
Add some flower food to the water and set the container aside. If you don’t have flower food, add a few drops of bleach and 1 teaspoon of sugar per quart of water. This will provide nutrients for the flowers and rid the water of any bacteria.
step 4Trim stems
Place the shortest greens and flowers in your container first, trimming their stems one at a time to create a range of heights. They shouldn’t be a uniform length—a summer arrangement should mimic the unpredictability of flowers growing wild.
spacer tip For the best summer wildflower effect, use flowers picked from nearby fields and meadows.
step 5Fill arrangement
Fill in your arrangement with gradually taller flowers and branches, trimming them to various heights, until you’ve created a wild, abundant, overgrown effect.
step 6Change water daily
Change the water daily to keep your arrangement fresh.
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