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How To Build a Champagne Tower
You Will Need
  • A sturdy table
  • Coupe (or round) Champagne glasses
  • Champagne, sparkling wine, or sparkling cider
step 1Find a table
Find a sturdy, steady table on which you can build your fountain.
step 2Crunch the numbers
Figure out how many glasses you’ll need in order to both accommodate your guests and ensure that your tower doesn’t tumble. Each square layer must become proportionately smaller than the last, so if your base is five rows of five glasses, the next layer must be four by four, and so on.
spacer tip A standard-size Champagne bottle will provide about five glasses of bubbly.
step 3Get proper glasses
Get coupe Champagne glasses, which are the old-fashioned round ones.
spacer tip Use plastic Champagne glasses if you’re nervous about your tower collapsing.
step 4Begin construction
Evenly align each glass in the bottom layer so that they touch each other, creating a diamond-shaped space between glasses.
step 5Build the stories
Place the next layer of glasses so that the glass stems are centered over the diamond-shaped spaces.
step 6Repeat Repeat until just one glass stands on the top.
step 7Fill the fountain Pour Champagne into the top glass, and continue pouring until the Champagne has trickled down to fill every glass.
step 8Time to toast! Gather your guests, hand everyone a glass—starting with the one on top and moving on down—and offer a toast. Cheers!
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