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How To Make a Princess Costume
You Will Need
  • A party dress
  • Craft or fabric glue
  • Rhinestones and craft jewels
  • A cape or capelet
  • Craft wire
  • Scissors
  • Gold or silver spray paint
  • A scepter
  • Lace in matching or contrasting colors (optional)
  • Ribbons in matching or contrasting colors (optional)
  • Safety pins (optional)
  • A piece of velvet fabric (optional)
  • A sewing machine (optional)
  • A wooden or plastic rod (optional)
  • Aluminum foil (optional)
step 1Choose a dress
Decide on a dress that will be the foundation of your costume. Old bridesmaidís dresses, flowing party dresses with lots of fabric, and flower-girl frocks each make an excellent starting point.
step 2Dress up your dress
If the dress is plain, enhance it by sewing lace and ribbons to the waistline, sleeves, or hem. If you donít sew, use safety pins to hold the trimming in place. Add sparkle by gluing on craft jewels.
step 3Add a cape
Buy a cape or capelet, and decorate it with jewels if you like. Or, if you sew, make your own cape using a sumptuous fabric like velvet.
step 4Crown yourself
Buy a crown, or make your own from scratch by shaping craft wire around the costume wearerís head, and then attaching additional smaller pieces of wire, building a series of triangles around the crown. The tip of each triangle should point upward.
tip Make sure you use spray paint in a well-ventilated area.
step 5Add a scepter
Buy a scepter in a costume store and decorate it, or make your own from scratch by painting a plastic or wooden rod gold or silver. When the rod dries, crumple a few pieces of aluminum foil over one end to create the tip of the scepter. Glue a few jewels onto the foil end.
step 6Show it off
Put on the dress, don the crown, pick up the scepter Ė and find your prince!
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