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How To Make a Werewolf Costume - Part 1
You Will Need
  • Petroleum jelly or lotion
  • A wig cap
  • Gauze suitable for plaster work
  • Plaster
  • Hot glue
  • A small sheet of craft foam, cut into 1-inch strips
  • A needle and thread
  • A spool of 1-inch-wide elastic
  • 3 feet of sturdy wire
  • Epoxy glue
  • Craft foam blocks
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Paper clay
  • White and red polymer clay
  • Primer or sealer
  • Black, red, and white acrylic paint
  • Glossy epoxy clear coat
  • Fake fur
  • A utility knife
step 1Make the cast
Lubricate your face with a generous amount of petroleum jelly or lotion, and protect your hair with a wig cap. Using gauze that’s been soaked in plaster, make a cast of the top half of your face from just above your hairline to the tip of your nose, being careful to avoid your eyes. Construct the sides of the mask from your temples to your cheeks. Let it dry.
Step 2Make a cast of your chin
Make a plaster cast of your chin and jaw from the bottom of one ear to the other and extending an inch under the chin.
Step 3Create the headband
Hot glue strips of craft foam to the inside of the mask on the head and forehead. Sew the elastic into a band that fixes around your head horizontally. Sew another piece vertically from the center of your forehead, to the back of your head. Hot glue the elastic to the mask making sure not to cover the eyeholes.
Step 4Frame the snout
Frame the snout. Bend a piece of wire into a narrow U-shape, leaving a few extra inches at the ends. Use epoxy glue to fasten the ends of the wire to the outside of the cheeks so the wire snout juts out under the nose of the cast.
Step 5Sculpt the snout
Hot glue a block of foam to the top side of the wire running from the tip of the snout to the plaster mask. Use scissors to trim the foam into a rough snout. Bend a second piece of wire into a U, leaving 7 inches of extra wire at each end. Epoxy it to the outside of the chin cast so that the extra wire continues several inches past the plaster.
Step 5Create the jaw
Glue foam to the underside of the wire attached to the chin cast and trim it into a rough jaw.
Step 7Attach the jaw
Bend the extra wire with pliers, and epoxy the wire pieces from the chin to either side of the face so the jaw attaches to the face-mask and matches up with the snout. Then, sculpt a more refined snout over the foam with paper clay, blending it into the plaster face. Sculpt over the jaw with paper clay and let it dry.
Step 8Frame and sculpt the ears
Create two wire frames for the ears and epoxy them to the top of the head. Wrap plaster gauze around the ear frames to form rough ears. Let the plaster dry, and then sculpt paper clay around the plaster and wire to refine the ears.
Step 9Apply finishing touches
Use the paper clay to sculpt details like nostrils, an angry brow, a lip line, and a tongue.
Step 10Create teeth
Using small chunks of white polymer clay, create teeth and fangs for the upper and lower jaw. Line up teeth and surround each group with a thin strip of red polymer clay to create gums. Bake the polymer clay according to the package directions. Then, glue the teeth into place.
Step 11Prime and paint
Prime or seal the mask inside and out. Paint the face and ears the color of your fur, and the tongue red. Then, finish the teeth and nose with a glossy clear coat.
Step 12Cut out the fur
Cut strips of fake fur to match the contours of the mask.
To cut the fake fur, place it facedown on a hard surface and use a utility knife.
tip To cut the fake fur, place it facedown on a hard surface and use a utility knife.
Step 13Attach the fur
Hot glue the fur into place. It should hang just past the bottom of your neck. Trim so that it’s shorter in the front and blends into longer hair in the back. The head’s complete! Now watch “How to Make A Werewolf Costume: Part 2” to finish the look.
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