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How To Make a Hand Turkey
You Will Need
  • Two different colored pieces of construction paper
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • A wiggle eye
  • Colored feathers
step 1Place hand on paper Place your hand, palm down, on one piece of construction paper.
step 2Start at wrist Trace around your hand, starting at your wrist.
spacer tip Keep your hand steady and your fingers apart.
step 3Cut out hand Cut out your traced hand.
step 4Glue turkey Glue your hand cutout onto the other piece of paper.
step 5Use markers to draw Use the markers to draw feet below the wrist of the cutout, a comb dangling from the cutout’s thumb, and a beak at the thumb tip.
spacer tip Instead of markers, you can also use cutouts of different colored construction paper.
step 6Glue eyes Glue the turkey’s eye on the thumb, above the beak.
step 7Glue feathers Glue tail feathers on the fingers, and color the body of your turkey. Display it on your refrigerator or in a window
spacer Children under 10 should use safety scissors, and an adult should help older children.
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