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How To Make Clay Animals
You Will Need
  • Modeling clay in different colors
  • Heavyweight poster board
  • A pencil
  • Some crayons or markers
  • And scissors
step 1Shape body
You can make any animal you like, of course, but let’s start with a dog. Take a handful of clay and shape it into a ball for the dog’s body.
step 2Make spots
Use a different-colored clay to make spots for the dog’s body.
step 3Draw features
On the poster board, draw and color the dog’s features.
step 4Cut out body parts
Cut out the cardboard body parts.
tip If you make body parts for several different animals, you can mix and match them to create a brand new species!
step 5Stick pieces into clay
Stick the cardboard pieces into the clay and bark “hello” to your new friend. Ruff, ruff!
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