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How To Make a Friendly Foam Porcupine
You Will Need
  • Moldable sculpting foam
  • Assorted pipe cleaners
  • A pair of scissors
  • A grown-up
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • And a small button
step 1 Mold 2 balls
Mold the foam into two balls. Make one of the balls about the size of your fist (for the porcupine’s body). Make the other ball a bit smaller (for the head).
tip Make sure your hands and the surface you’re working on are clean. This will keep the foam clean.
step 2Stick together
Stick the two balls together.
tip You can mix the foam to make new colors.
step 3Cut pip cleaners
Get help cutting several pipe cleaners, each one into three pieces.
step 4Create spines
Stick the pieces of pipe cleaner all over the porcupine’s body to create spines.
tip You can make lots of other animals with two balls of foam and different objects. Curl a pipe cleaner to make a piggy’s tail, or create a duck by sticking a feather in the back and one on each side for wings.
step 5Put on eyes & nose
Put a pair of googly eyes on the head, add a button for the nose, and say hello to your prickly new pal.
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