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How To Make an Optical Illusion Ring
You Will Need
  • Newspaper to cover your work surface
  • Old clothes or a smock
  • Some clear dome-shaped beads
  • Acrylic paint in different colors
  • A small paintbrush
  • A plain ring
  • Some craft glue
  • Some water
  • And a paper towel
  • A picture from a magazine (optional)
step 1Paint dot
Paint a dot on the flat part of a clear dome-shaped bead—this will be the center of a flower. Let the dot dry completely.
step2Paint petals
In another color, paint the petals of the flower and let them dry.
tip If you don’t like how your flower looks, you can just wash off the paint with soap and water and start over.
step 3Paint over flower
Now that your flower is totally dry, you’re going to paint right over it with a third color. Your flower will disappear—but don’t worry! You’ll see it again soon.
step 4Flip over bead
When the paint is dry, flip over the bead. You’ll see your flower in reverse and magnified!
tip You can find metal adjustable rings that have a flat disk on top at craft or jewelry supply stores.
step 5Glue bead
Put a drop of glue on the flat part of your ring and set your bead on top so the flower is facing up.
step 6Let ring dry
Let your ring dry for at least an hour or two, and then flaunt your bedazzling finger.
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