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How To Make a Paper Bag Puppet Of Yourself
You Will Need
  • A lunch bag
  • Some markers or crayons
  • A sheet of red or pink construction paper
  • Yarn that's the color of your hair
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some glue
  • And a grown-up
  • a pencil
  • Construction paper in various colors
  • And a pair of googly eyes.
step 1Lay out lunch bag
Lay your lunch bag down in front of you with the folded flap on top. The flap will be the puppet’s face, the crease will be its mouth, and the rest of the bag will be its body.
step 2Cut red oval
Ask a grown-up to help you cut out a small oval of red or pink construction paper. This will be the inside of the puppet’s mouth.
step 3Put glue on oval
Put a little glue on one side of the oval.
step 4Stick under flap
Lift up the puppet’s flap, or mouth, and stick the oval under this flap, sideways.
step 5Press oval down
Press the oval down so it sticks, and then fold the flap back down.
spacer tip The oval should be hidden under the flap or just peek out of the bottom a little—so when your puppet talks, you’ll be able to see inside its red mouth!
step 6Draw clothes
Now draw clothes on the body of your puppet with your crayons or markers. Copy what you’re wearing or give your puppet an outfit that looks like your favorite one.
step 7Draw features
Next use your crayons or markers to draw eyes and a nose on your puppet. Do you have brown eyes and freckles? Make sure your puppet has the same!
spacer tip If you want your puppet to be a funny version of you, glue on googly eyes instead of drawing them.
step 8Draw lips
Draw lips right along the crease of your puppet’s mouth.
step 9Cut yarn
Ask a grown-up to help you cut some yarn for your puppet’s hair. Remember, if you have long blond hair or short brown hair, so should your puppet!
step 10Glue yarn
Put a little glue on the end of each piece of yarn, and stick them one by one on the top and sides of your puppet’s face. If you want to make curly hair, ask a grown-up to help you cut thin strips of construction paper instead of yarn. Wrap each piece around a pencil so that it curls and then glue them one by one to the puppet’s head.
spacer tip While the hair is drying, think about other things you could give your puppet to make it more like you. If you play soccer, draw a soccer ball and glue it to the bottom of the bag by your puppet’s feet. If you like dressing up like a princess, make a crown to glue to your puppet’s head.
step 10Slip in your hand
When your puppet is finished and all the glue has dried, slip your hand into the bottom opening and wave your hand in the top flap to open and close your puppet’s mouth.Now you can talk to yourself all day long!
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