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How To Make a Simple Paper Kite
You Will Need
  • A sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A stapler
  • A hole punch
  • And some kite string or another sturdy string, like twine
  • Some crayons or markers (optional)
step 1Fold paper
Fold the paper in half so the shorter sides meet. Set the paper on your work surface so that the fold is at the bottom.
spacer tip If you want a fancier kite, use crayons or markers to decorate the paper before you fold it.
step 2Measure & mark
Use your ruler to measure 2 Ĺ inches from one end of the folded edge and put a pencil mark there.
step 3Measure & mark again
Measure another 2 Ĺ inches from the first mark and put another pencil mark there.
step 4 Bend one layer
Taking the top corner nearest to the first mark, bend down one layer of the paper to the folded edge where you made the first mark. But donít crease it.
step 5 Bend other layer
Holding the folded-down corner in place, pick up the paper and bend the other top layer down in the opposite direction so that itís even with the first corner.
step 6Staple corners
Staple the folded corners in place.
step 7Punch hole
Punch a hole where you made the second mark.
step 8Loop string & knot
Loop one end of your kite string through the hole and knot it tightly.As soon as a good breeze kicks up, your kite will be ready to take off!
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