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recycleHow To Make a Suncatcher
You Will Need
  • An old CD
  • Glitter contact paper
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A grown-up
  • A hole punch
  • Yarn or string
  • Hole punches in different shapes (optional)
  • Shiny stickers (optional)
step 1Pick base
Pick one color of glitter contact paper as your base and lay the CD on a piece of it.
step 2Trace CD
Trace around the CD with a pencil.
step 3Cut out circle
Cut out the circle of contact paper.
step 4Stick to CD
Carefully peel off the backing from the contact paper and carefully stick it to the non-shiny side of CD so that you’re covering up any writing or designs on the disc.
spacer tip Stickers will work too—just be sure to use ones that are shiny or glittery.
step 5Cut shape for hole
Cut a shape—like a star, a circle, or a heart—out of some contact paper and use it to cover the hole on the shiny side of the CD.
step 6Decorate CD
Now get creative! Cut out shapes from the other pieces of contact paper and stick them on the CD. You can draw designs and cut them out or use hole punches in different shapes.
spacer tip Fold or stack two pieces of contact paper so when you cut out your shape you automatically cut two matching pieces.
step 7Cut out 2 shapes
When you’re finished decorating your suncatcher, cut out two identical shapes of contact paper about the size of a quarter.
step 8Create tab
Peel the backing off of one and stick it to the top of your suncatcher so that half of it is attached and the other half sticks up. Now do the same on the other side, being careful to line up the two pieces exactly, and press their tops together. You’ll hang the suncatcher from this tab.
step 9Punch hole
Punch a hole through the top of the tab.
step 10Hang suncatcher
Loop a piece of yarn or string through the hole, tie the ends together, then hang your creation in a window where it can catch some rays.
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