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How To Do Half Double Crochet
You Will Need
  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
step 1Chain
Chain 10 or more stitches with your yarn and crochet hook to make a foundation. Leave the last loop on the hook.
step 2Yarn over
Pull the long end of the yarn behind and over the top of the hook to yarn over.
step 3Hook into third stitch
Count to the third chain from the hook and insert the hook through that stitch from the front to the back.
step 4Yarn over and pull through
Yarn over and pull the hook and yarn back through the stitch.
tip You should now see three loops on the hook.
step 5Yarn over and pull through
Yarn over again, but this time pull the yarn through all three loops on the hook. One half double crochet stitch is finished.
tip You should now have one loop on the hook.
step 6Repeat to end of row
Yarn over and insert your hook into the next chain. Repeat the procedure and continue to the end of the row.
step 7Chain to turn
Chain two at the end of the row, and then turn the chain around to the other side.
tip Read your pattern carefully to determine if the chain two at the end of the row counts as a stitch. If the pattern doesn’t specify, then count it.
step 8Work next row
Yarn over and work the first half double crochet of the next row, and each row after, into the second stitch from the hook.
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