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How To Knit a Simple Baby Hat
You Will Need
  • Some soft yarn
  • Pair of size 8 knitting needles
  • A pair of scissors
  • A tape measure or ruler
  • And a yarn needle
step 1Tie knot & cast
Tie your slip knot and cast on a total of 26 stitches, leaving a six to eight-inch tail.
spacer tip Use a soft cotton or a cotton blend yarn that has a little stretch to it for added comfort.
step 2Knit Stockinette
Knit in Stockinette Stitch—that is, alternate one row of knitting with one row of purling—until you have a rectangle about 11" long. Make sure you end on a knit row.
step 3Cast off last row
Cast off your last row, leaving about 8" of yarn. Tie a knot to secure it.
step 4 Fold in half
Fold your rectangle in half so the smooth, knitted side—which looks like it’s covered in little V’s—is on the inside, and the edges are lined up.
spacer tip The purl side of the project—which looks bumpy—should be facing out.
step 5Sew edges
Starting at the curling corner of one side, use a yarn needle and the same tail of yarn you used to knit the rectangle to sew the edges together all the way up to the corner of your fold.
step 6 Knot & cut excess
When you reach the corner, knot the yarn, and cut off the excess.
step 7Repeat on other side
Repeat on the other side, beginning at the other curling corner and sewing the edges up to the corner fold.
step 8Knot & cut excess
When you reach this corner, knot the yarn, and cut off the excess. Your hat should now look almost like a square with only one open side.
step 9 Put it on a baby
Turn the hat right-side-out and put it on a baby with the “ears” out. Pretty easy—and totally adorable.
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